Microheat Wins World Traffic Safety Achievement Award

Microheat, Inc., a leading supplier to the automotive industry, has won this year's World Traffic Safety Achievement Award for the supplier category. Microheat is the maker of the popular and patented hot fluid windshield de-icing system.

Gary Pilibosian, the president and the CEO of Microheat, received the award at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). The World Traffic Safety Symposium, founded in 1990, was formed to respond the increasing concern of traffic injuries and fatalities on roadways. The Symposium is dedicated to deliver to automakers, public and private organizations, and the media vital information and to discuss innovative ways to make automobile travel safer.

Annually, the group genes research and data from worldwide to create a presentation of the most remarkable and innovative advances in traffic safety. In the said symposium, industry experts, manufacturers, and journalists are invited to grace the showcase of the most advanced, life-saving safety features that have been made available in vehicles.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award recognizing innovations in safety," said Gary Pilibosian, the Microheat president and CEO. "HotShot® ensures optimal visibility for drivers in all seasons, weather and driving conditions. Microheat is committed to driving safety and we look forward to continuing to provide drivers with better visibility and safer driving conditions."

According to the Insurance Information Institute, poor visibility is a major cause of traffic accidents and fatalities in the United States. It is a contributing factor in approximately 1,500 deaths in 2005. This is the reason why the introduction of HotShot® in the industry is deemed a big stone.

HotShot®, introduced commercially in 2002, is a key breakthrough in windshield clearing technology, solving a problem that has baffled the auto industry for 75 years – removing ice, snow, filth and grime from windshields without the usual manual scraping.

HotShot® is currently integrated to a variety of General Motors Corp.'s product line including the Avalanche, Buick Lucerne, Chevrolet Silverado, Cadillac DTS and Escalade, GMC Sierra, Suburban Tahoe, and the Yukon. In addition, several other OEMs that include brakes, suspensions, radiators, and engines through the world are in various stages of testing the compatibility of the product.

The HotShot® features a patented cycling technology that cleverly heats fluid to a precipitate temperature and sprays the fluid at precise time intervals to swiftly and ably eliminate snow, bugs, ice, filth and road grime from windshields. The all-season, all-weather system of the product can be activated at vehicle start-up and maintains hot fluid for use by drivers while driving.

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